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Protect Your Vehicle

Paint Protection Film in Clayton, NC is a virtually invisible, thin urethane film that shields your car’s paint from chips, scratches, stains, and weathering. Also known as a clear bra or clear car bra, PPF offers exceptional protection for your vehicle’s exterior.

Safeguard Vulnerable Areas

PPF is commonly applied to susceptible areas like the leading edge of the hood, fenders, mirrors, door handles, and other parts prone to chips and scratches. Acting as a sacrificial layer, the film absorbs damage, ensuring your car’s paint remains unharmed.

Full Coverage

You can apply PPF to any painted surface on your car, including the hood, door edges, rocker panels, and bumper.

The film comes in a high-gloss or matte finish. Opt for the high-gloss finish to give your vehicle’s paint a wet-look shine and make it stand out.


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Invisible Shield

PPF acts as an invisible shield, offering exceptional protection against chips, scratches, staining, and weathering, preserving your car’s paint and appearance.

Unaltered Appearance

As a clear and virtually invisible film, PPF maintains your vehicle’s original look without any changes to its appearance.

Customizable Protection

You have the flexibility to customize the level of protection with PPF, ensuring specific areas are shielded according to your needs.

High-Gloss or Matte Finish

PPF is available in high-gloss or matte finish, allowing you to choose the desired look for your vehicle.

Durability and Longevity

PPF is highly durable and long-lasting, ensuring continuous protection for your car’s paint over an extended period.


PPF Clayton NC

Paint Protection Film Packages


Clear Bra Full Front Kit

Entire Hood (Wrapped Edges)


Full Fenders (Wrapped Edges)


Front of Side Mirrors

Door Cups


Choose Us for Top-notch PPF in Clayton, NC!

Licensed and Certified Installers

At Outlaw Coatings, LLC, our licensed and certified installers take great pride in their expertise. They skillfully apply the film, ensuring every edge is wrapped flawlessly. With precision and attention to detail, they navigate each contour to achieve an artful finish without any unsightly air bubbles, enclosures, or gaps.

Experience the Best

With our top-of-the-line PPF in Clayton, NC, your vehicle’s protection is in good hands. Give us a call today, and we’ll take care of you with our exceptional film installation services. Don’t delay – protect your vehicle from potential damage now! 


Preserve Your Car's Paint with High Quality PPF/Clear Bra

At Outlaw Coatings, we bring you top-notch paint protection film/clear bra installation services. Keeping your car’s paint protected from the elements and maintaining its flawless appearance for years is our specialty.

We offer a variety of coverage options to suit your vehicle’s specific needs. With our high-quality PPF/clear bra, you can be confident that your car’s paint will remain shielded and maintain its pristine look.

Trust our team for expert PPF/clear bra installation. Experience unmatched quality and protection for your valuable vehicle’s paint. Contact us today and safeguard your car’s beauty for years to come!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Reach out to us for personalized assistance and expert guidance. We’re here to address all your concerns and provide tailored solutions.

Paint Protection Film, or PPF, is a clear, durable layer that we apply to your car's paint to protect it from scratches, chips, and stains. Made from a special urethane material, PPF absorbs impacts and helps prevent minor damage and UV rays from affecting your car’s paint job, keeping it looking fresh and new. 

PPF typically lasts between 5 to 10 years, depending on factors like weather conditions and how well you care for your car. Our high-quality PPF at Outlaw Coatings is designed to offer long-lasting protection. With regular cleaning and maintenance, you can keep your film performing well and looking great for many years.

Absolutely! PPF can be safely removed without harming your car’s paint. It adheres firmly but is designed to peel off cleanly when it’s time for removal. For the best results, we recommend having it removed by our professional technicians who ensure a smooth process without any damage to your car’s finish.

Not at all. PPF is nearly invisible once applied, maintaining the original look of your car while providing a glossy finish. At Outlaw Coatings, our skilled team ensures a seamless application, so your car not only stays protected but also looks stunning.


Taking care of your car after PPF installation is simple. Avoid washing your car for the first week to let the film set properly. After that, you can wash it as usual with mild soap and water. Use a soft microfiber cloth for drying and avoid abrasive materials or harsh chemicals. Regular check-ups will help keep the film in top condition.


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